FREE Skin Check Clinic – Lewisburg WV

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Mitsy’s Wings Fundraiser
Mitsy McKee died from Melanoma Cancer in March 2015 in Lewisburg WV. Mitsy’s Wings is a charitable, non-profit organization established in memory of Mitsy and her love of teaching. Our mission is to enhance the lives of the community affected by cancer and to provide scholarship opportunities in early education.

Friday, December 2016 from Noon to 2:00PM
This is a free clinic thanks to Pinnacle Dermatology. Donations are received at this event.

To make appointment, please call below
Phone: (304) 645-3435
Address: 1882 North Jefferson Street, Suite 200
Lewisburg, WV 24901

Peggy Ferguson – Mitsy’s Mother

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There are many people to still keep on helping and that’s exactly what we are/will be doing.

The first is an individual who is very near and dear to us – Peggy Ferguson (Mitsy’s Mother) – who was recently diagnosed with Glioblastoma; a brain tumor.

The second is a sweet individual who has to travel to UVA with her husband for treatments 2.5 hours away.

The third is an individual who was diagnosed with colon cancer last weekend and went for surgery just last Friday. A shock for all the family.

Cancer doesn’t stop, neither will we!

#mitsyswings #nottoday #stopcancer

Scholarship Awarded – Alexis Sheppard

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It is with great pleasure that we have awarded and presented Ms. Alexis Sheppard with her first-of-two scholarship awards for the year.

Alexis goes with our blessings and hopes to learn all she can as an Elementary School Teacher

Good luck for 2016-2017!!!!

Mitsy’s Wings and Partnerships

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We have some exciting news coming up with partnerships that fit perfectly with our mission & vision

Stay tuned….

Remembering Mitsy….

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On March 23, 2015 at 11:03pm my life partner – Mitsy – passed peacefully after a long, hard-fought battle with Melanoma Cancer.

I will never be able to explain to anyone in words or writing what that loss feels like. Even now. I believe God never intended for me to be able to share that emotion. God needs us to have that experience, alone. However, I feel what He did intend for us to be able to communicate is the good that that person had while amongst us. And we should celebrate every little flash of grace and forever glow of light that person possessed.

It is also hard to express my appreciation to all those many friends and family that have reached in towards Alexis, Jack and I. You all extended your hands, hugs, writings and time and…I…I simply cannot express myself adequately enough to match the breadth and depth of your love and support. We will be eternally grateful. Just know when we wave, smile or talk with you, we are merely trying to repay our appreciation and love you showed Mitsy and my family.

For me this last year has been a journey of discovery and reinvention. It has also been a year of blessings too multiple to count. Mitsy’s Wings Nonprofit is a big part of that. I will say this: I truly believe Mitsy watches over us constantly. I have experienced circumstances that have left me in awe and amazement, and then, circumstances that have left me laughing out loud, saying “You’re funny, Mitsy! Good one!” Mitsy has a perfectly timed humor to her. So, if you have any doubt of those who pass on before us, please don’t. There are angels among us!

Alexis and Jack amaze me every single day! Their resiliency, fortitude and maturity through all the ups and downs only inspires and drives me to keep them going on the same path. They remain happy, content and they keep their Mom close in remembrance. I have to thank their friends and classmates for keeping them going, their teachers, sports coaches, and everyone else that surrounds my children with a beautiful gentleness that surpasses anything Mitsy or I could have asked for. Thank you, sincerely.

A year has passed and we love you Mitsy/Mommy. Life moves on to great things for us but we will always miss you and we will always feel you in our hearts and prayers. You will never be forgotten. Not Today. Spread those wings, baby! And soar…

The Mitsy McKee Scholarship

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We received 10 applications for The Mitsy McKee Scholarship. Very excited to go through them.

Greenbrier East High School Senior Scholarship Night is Tuesday, May 24, 2016